Meet Limefish Design Office Culture Opportunities


Limefish Design

We are a creative design studio in Bahrain, Doing what we love is the key concept of our story, we are a team of skilled designers, typographers, filmmakers, writers, photographers, and creators who find themselves combining their talents while working to create beautiful and functional designs.


About our space

Designed to create an atmosphere of creativity, our studio is Disneyland for designers, desks with perfect lighting, a table with all the equipment and tools a designer might need, and a library of learning resources ready to serve creative people of any caliber.


LFTMs (AKA Limefish Team Meetings)

A big part of our culture in the team is coming together at the end of the week for a meeting where we discuss updates about work. We also give each member the opportunity to share their experience in a specific field of design that they're passionate about in these meetings so we can all learn!


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